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About Andreas Murkudis

During his 15 years directing Berlin's Museum of Things, Andreas Murkudis established himself firmly in city's art scene. He opened his first store in a backyard in Mitte in 2003, and, always seeking creative and unassigned surroundings, moved to Schöneberg in 2011. Located in the former printing workshop of the daily newspaper Tagesspiegel on Potsdamer Strasse, Andreas Murkudis is now found among a variety of art galleries.


The vast industrial space shows Andreas Murkudis' unique selection of products in a museum-like atmosphere. His selection consists of things he would love to own himself, based on his fundamental belief in clean aesthetics, high quality and longevity. The objects do not bow to trends, each of them tells a story of its own and grows in value over time. Displayed in dialogue with one another, they open up the visitors' perceptions, inviting them to sense each item's individuality.


The store's atmosphere captures a freedom and tranquility that sets it apart from the usual, fast-paced retail world. Visitors are encouraged to take their time and explore the curated selection of products and their stories. Hosting brand showcases and special events, Andreas Murkudis frequently invites friends and clientele to develop playful relationships with the store, as well as give fresh impetus and inspiration, in a place where attitudes become form.


Andreas Murkudis' clients come from all over the world and from many different backgrounds. The range of objects and goods reflects that diversity, all united by a simple goal: Andreas Murkudis wants to astonish the people who come to his store.