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Andreas Murkudis


Antique Cashmere Shawls from Frank Ames' Collection

Indian and French cashmere shawls from the 19th Century adorned the walls of ANDREAS MURKUDIS 77 on Potsdamer Straße 77. They were sourced from the collection of Frank Ames, the leading expert on antique textiles from India. The exhibition ran until the end of October 2021.

Andreas Murkudis
Andreas Murkudis

As part of Berlin Art Week (September 15-19th, 2021) and on the occasion of the upcoming 20th Anniversary of ANDREAS MURKUDIS in early 2022, the Berlin multibrand store displayed a selection of rare cashmere shawls from the 19th Century. Andreas Murkudis selected fifteen elaborately woven editions from the private collection of Frank Ames – leading expert on antique textiles from India and Europe. Mounted on wooden poles, five of these historic scarves hung on the walls at Potsdamer Straße 77 – one of three stores that the design expert operates on Potsdamer Straße in Berlin. A sixth scarf was in the shop window. All of them were for sale. The opening event for the exhibition took place on September 16th from 6 to 9pm. The valuable shawls adorned the walls of the gallery-like space until the end of October 2021.

This exhibition marks an important shift in the structure of the ANDREAS MURKUDIS universe. For the 20th Anniversary of ANDREAS MURKUDIS in early 2022, Murkudis announced a restructuring of all three branches. The focus on fashion in the main store – ANDREAS MURKUDIS 81 – will remain, but will be supplemented by a significantly larger range of furniture. The furniture store – ANDREAS MURKUDIS 98 – has been converted into a quasi-apartment that is fully furnished with e15 products. This mono-exhibition will run until May 2022. ANDREAS MURKUDIS 77 is set to be a space in which Andreas Murkudis will present a topic or a brand that particularly inspires him – such as these cashmere rarities. 

Andreas Murkudis
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The Berliner Zeitung published an article about the exhibition on September 25th. It was written by the editor-in-chief herself, Margit J. Mayer.

Andreas Murkudis

All photos were taken by Torben Hoeke.

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Potsdamer Straße


ANDREAS MURKUDIS celebrated ART WEEK Sept 2021 at all three Stores on Potsdamer Strasse with a total of five parallel events on the evening of September 16th, 2021.