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A-temporal art photography from the archives

For the third auction of cherished pieces, Andreas Murkudis gatherd up a selection of rare photo books from his personal archive – timelessly exquisite works of art photography reflecting cultural currents and allowing an insight into the progressive minds of protagonists that are today reknown in theird field of profession.


“I was entertaining the idea of a photo book room for my store — now this room is taking place online in the auctions.”

Andreas Murkudis


The copies are mostly limited editions, signed and out of print. The following special selection of books from the auction sires their scarcity value.

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Andreas Gursky — Montparnasse, 1995

Published in 1995 this elegant, oversized publication is devoted to Andreas Gursky’s monumental photograph of architect Jean Dubuisson’s quarter-mile long Montparnasse housing block. A single color reproduction on heavy stock is laid into a silver folder that bears the names of the more than seven hundred and fifty families inhabiting the massive housing project. Two booklets in silver wrappers contain German essays by Hans Irrek, interviews with Dubuisson and three Montparnasse dwellers. These three printed components are housed in a shallow printed cardboard box.


Concept Store Fashion Berlin AndreasMurkudis MichaelSchmidt EinheitUnity 1996 1 Kopie

Michael Schmidt — EIN-HEIT U-NI-TY, 1996

Michael Schmidt, born in Berlin in 1945. In the book „U-ni-ty“ he traces the symbolism and iconography of political systems, their propaganda and the images of humankind they project. He explores unity, or one-ness, of individual and state, seeking out the discrepancies and the correlations. The book is published to coincide with an exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1996.

Concept Store Fashion Berlin AndreasMurkudis MichaelSchmidt EinheitUnity 1996 5 Kopie
Concept Store Fashion Berlin AndreasMurkudis RichardAvedon Intheamericanwest 1994 1 Kopie

Richard Avedon — In the American West, 1994

In this photo book on the rural West, fashion photographer Richard Avedon visited ranches and rodeos of Texas. He also went to truck stops, oil fields, and slaughterhouses. Rather than playing to the western myths of grandeur and space, he sought out people whose appearance and life circumstances were the antithesis of mythical images of the ruggedly handsome cowboy, beautiful pioneer wife, dashing outdoor adventurer, or industry mogul.

Concept Store Fashion Berlin AndreasMurkudis RichardAvedon Intheamericanwest 1994 3
ConceptStore Fashion Berlin AndreasMurkudis Luxury Travel Steve McQueen Barrage 1 Kopie

Steve McQueen – Barrage, 1999

Photo book and original photo print depicting the significant “Chiffon de Barrage” to be found in the streets of Paris: A piece of fabric tied together in order to direct the water running along the curb stones into the direction needed in order to clean ones part of the strrts and keep the drain from congesting; Edited by Friedrich Meschede; signed by the artist. Number nine of an edition of 50 pieces.

ConceptStore Fashion Berlin AndreasMurkudis Luxury Travel Steve McQueen Barrage Edition 1 Kopie
ConceptStore Fashion Berlin AndreasMurkudis Luxury Travel Collier Schorr JensF. 1 Kopie

Collier Schorr — Jens F., 2005

The Jens pictures began as an experiment. To photograph a young boy in many of the positions that Andrew Wyeth painted the model Helga; to give someone another identity and photograph them through the transformation. The work evolved into a kind of dance between the two models, between painting and photography, between the exacting detail of photography and all the nuances of sketches and drawings. In this photo book by American artist Collier Schorr you see hundreds of attempts. Each page compiles years worth of shots, the same picture taken again and again over time.

Concept Store Fashion Berlin AndreasMurkudis Luxury Travel Gaultier Invitation S91 2



Retailer Andreas Murkudis auctions fashion history artifacts from his private collection. In the nascent stages of Murkudis' career, fashion was particularly defined by exclusivity. Hence, most auction pieces are rare collectibles that were accessible only to a limited circle of people. They hold both sentimental and real value and many mark a turning point in fashion history.