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Venetian label BARENA has been a classic member of the selection of labels at Andreas Murkudis for many years. We are delighted to reintroduce the labels current collection with a few quick questions, that we were able to ask Francesca Zara.

Venetian label BARENA consistently produces wide, casual cuts of fine quality clothing in a beautiful and moderate range of colours, and sometimes patterns. With a strong bond to its origins in Veneto, it has a heritage of several decades. Founded by Sandron Zara in 1961, the BARENA womenswear collection is now designed by Francesca Zara with Massimo Pigozzo taking charge of the menswear collection for over 20 years. 

Mimicking workwear, their collections feature loose shapes, precise tailoring, exquisite natural fabrics, and attention to detail all entirely produced in Italy. Both their women’s and menswear collections are bi-annual including accessories. We are delighted to reintroduce BARENA VENEZIA and their current collection with a few quick questions we were able to ask Francesca Zara:

BARENA proclaims a strong connection with its origins in Venice. How does Venice, a city built on water, the lagoons, the omnipresence of Renaissance art, the architecture as well as the Biennial, influence BARENA?

Francesca: Venice is the centre of our world, how could it not influence and inspire us? The richness of this historic settlement is so unique. Its history, the costumes, culture, people, mentality, colours, and so much more… We are all influenced by where we grow up and by the families we were born into. It marks us as individuals. Our home-coming will always gather so much meaning. It is all about the beginning. In the atelier, we like to look back but always from a contemporary perspective.

Andreas Murkudis features another example of the craftsmanship of Veneto: Venini, the Murano-based glass manufacturer, of whom we’re very fond. Would you say manufacturing, arts and crafts, tailoring and so forth, all have a specific origin or reason to be in Veneto?

180702 BARENA W CAPSULE SS19 0009
180702 BARENA W CAPSULE SS19 0263

Francesca: Oh indeed, very much so. Manufacturing, tailoring, and arts and crafts are strong here in Veneto. Our DNA, that we aptly name “republica marinara”, embraces commerce, discovery, exchange, and timeless elegance. I like to think that we still have some of this spirit in our blood, as we are definitely hard workers and incredibly passionate about what we do. And on another note, I simply love Venini – I own some beautiful pieces designed by Gio Ponti and Fulvio Bianconi, myself.

Could you explain the philosophy behind your cuts and shapes? Where does that characteristic ease and casualness derive from would you say?

Francesca: We like to keep it simple. For us, clothing is about simplicity and individuality. The philosophy behind the cuts and shapes is always one that finds beauty in comfort. Your personality has to come out while you are wearing the right clothing. BARENA VENEZIA is not about overshadowing people, but rather letting them live their lives, comfortably and with poise.

What is BARENA`s standing towards Andreas Murkudis? Do you have a particular interest in having your collections represented by him?

Francesca: Of course! First of all, Andreas Murkudis is a very nice person, respectful and with clear and positive ideas! We chose each other a long time ago. It was a logical connection and one we appreciate and cherish.

Check out BARENA VENEZIA a on Instagram, here. 

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