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Potsdamer Straße

Beyond Borders

On Saturday, 15th September 2018, ANDREAS MURKUDIS presents new designs by Japanese labels SEYA, CHOYA and YINDIGO at Potsdamer Straße 81.


Brief self introduction: YINDIGO A M follows the concept „less is more“. We create products for people with a borderless, genderless and timeless lifestyle.

What range of products do you sell? We sell products that you can touch and feel. Starting with underwear, lounge and travel wear to therapeutical aroma skincare and natural fragrances.

Your team is represents a great variety of backgrounds. How do you think the skillset of your team members influences your work? Versatile points of view are essential for us to make our work transcend the common boundaries.

How does this translate into your products? Each member contributes in his or her way everyday, in order to design our products as elixirs to survive in this world.

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Brief self introduction: We’re a traditional shirt maker „made in Japan“ with over 130 years of history.

You are one of Japan’s oldest shirt manufacturers since 1886. Who stands behind the evolution of the brand? We believe that tradition can be  inherited not only by the creator but also by the recipient. CHOYA has developed and evolved with the requirements and the flux of the market and constantly grows with the customer.

Why do you think your brand is still the leader on the market? Because we’ve been making CHOYA SHIRT for customers, directly. In Japanese culture the creation of a product subordinates itself to the logic of the customer. As we are one of the oldest shirt makers, we are also proud to know that our shirts are worn for special occasions of personal value.

What’s the unique quality of a Choya shirt? Precision. Precision is where Japanese manufacturers excel their competitors. It goes without saying that our materials, tailoring and production process was perfected throughout 130 years of history. That history and refined quality is inherent to CHOYA products.

What signifies your costumer? They are loyal and bespoke clients. We regard them to be good partners in every respect.

What’s your feeling, do tradition and quality as values reach millennials and the generation Z? We’re actually looking forward to how the generation Z will challenge our manufacturing beyond its tradition. When a customer wears a CHOYA SHIRT, though, we think it’s value will be understood.


Brief self introduction: We create a poetic line of unisex clothes, accessories, objects, housewares, and scents. To us, inspiration has no frontiers, it acts like a daydream. Season after season, we travel to be inspired by new cultures, mineral shades, immemorial shapes and noble materials. We fabricate our own materials such as silk, linen, vintage cotton, fluffy camel jersey from places such as India or Japan. We produce woven products, and cut and sew garments in Japan, produce knitwear in Italy, scents in France and objects and accessories in places such as Argentina, Laos and Thailand. We are Asians based in Europe. Although being modern nomads, we feel deeply rooted in our own cultures. We feel at home in may places and are somewhat lost in translation in globalization. Being sustainable is a belief of SEYA. Helping artisans is an attitude of SEYA.

What’s the concept behind seya? Our outlook is pretty multicultural. This mixture is a huge part of who we are also what SEYA is. We are amazed by so many different values that exist in the world. Something that is important to one culture, may not mean anything somewhere else, but there is no right or wrong, of course. We aim to feel free as a citizen of the world. 

What’s the inspiration behind the current collection? For the current collection we were in Laos, deep in the mountains, surrounded by warm brown earth and a khaki coloured river. Meals were 100% organic, the most luscious costumes were 100% hand made. Our current season was definitely inspired by the “Mekong”: Back to the roots of life on Earth.

Would you show us your favourite item and tell us what is special about it? That would be the double-face yak coat. The natural colour of yak is one of our favourite aspects. It can transform completely by simply taking off its collar. Besides, there is a button which enables nice movement while walking. Aside from that, it simply is very light and warm.

You’re collaborating with extraordinarily talented photographers – who’s your current favourite? There are many. Jacob Aue Sobol, Tom Wood, Shomei Tomatsu and Mark Steinmetz are just a few of them. We’ve also just shot our lookbooks with the talented Jeff Boudreau, who is a favourite, of course!

We understand that you travel to a country, find inspiration and then produce the entire collection on site – this must be an incredible adventure. How is it possible to get a collection produced, without knowing the infrastructure? We do a lot of research before heading to a specific destination. About the savoir faire, the nature, ways of living etc. When the feeling is right, it typically works out. On site, we meet locals in order to introduce us to their habitat, to the infrastructure. It would be impossible to perform such a task without support, of course.

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On August 25th, ANDREAS MURKUDIS reopened Potsdamer Straße 81 with our friends IIUVO's (he)artbeat project.