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Potsdamer 98 by Murkudis



For the 2018 opening of 98, Andreas and Kostas Murkudis redesigned COCO-MAT's classic bed system “Pyrros”.

For the 2018 opening of 98, Andreas and Kostas Murkudis redesigned COCO-MAT’s classic bed system “Pyrros”. COCO-MAT beds are iconically simple whilst being among the most comfortable and sustainable models in their range. The metal-free redesign by the brothers Murkudis consists of three layers of natural fibre and a coconut fibre spring mattress. It features a mitred frame made from high-quality pine wood instead of the more commonly used beech wood, and feet made from oak, covered in the finest cotton bedding by German manufacturer EGE.

The three layers consist of the “Pyrros“ mattress, lying in the frame, and the “Atlas” latex mattress, both covered by a single slip cover. The topper, “Iviskos” is made from natural rubber and comes encased in EGE bedding, just like the other layers. The pre-existing straps have been removed from the mattress sides and the range of colours for bedding, slip covers, and ribbons have been carefully chosen to create a cohesively beautiful ensemble.

The bold construction is visually enhanced by its low-lying frame – with feet replaced so as to appear almost invisible, this COCO-MAT redesign seems to be floating, exactly as the Bauhaus school instructed their architecture to appear.

A bed must adapt to the changing needs and aesthetics of its time according to Andreas and Kostas Murkudis. Redesigning it in collaboration with COCO-MAT, a family business working with natural materials of the highest quality, has resulted in the most satisfying comfort and detail. Apart from the fact that we spend such a large part of our time in our beds, it is also one of the most prominent and personal pieces of furniture in our homes.

COCO-MAT x MURKUDIS                 160x200x65cm                                                 171kg

Please contact our staff at 77 or 98 for more information!

Potsdamer 98 by Murkudis
181212 BARENA SS19 M 14 1677

Potsdamer Straße


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