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Potsdamer Straße

ECCO, DIEHM and Seiichi Furuya at 81

The 25th of April sees the launch of three new additions to 81. The ECCO Innovation Lab, DIEHM BESPOKE DESIGN and Thomas Fischer presenting Japanese photographer Seiichi Furuya.

Danish shoe brand ECCO are known for their premium leather products and keen focus on innovation. On April 25th, the ECCO Innovation Lab unveils their unique service QUANT-U, which 3D prints customized midsoles for a casual unisex premium collection. QUANT-U combines individual data, analyzed by a learning algorithm, to 3D print midsoles from a new silicon and within an hour. ECCO’s use of DriTanTM technology also enables them to drastically reduce water usage in their leather manufacturing. The QUANT-U technology is available until the 30th April 2019 and by appointment only.

DIEHM BESPOKE DESIGN performs tailoring in Munich, Germany entirely by hand. Detlev Diehm will be present to showcase how he individually measures his customers, present fabrics from the worlds most renowned weaving mills, and his mastery in modeling a contemporary suit by hand, with inlays of camel- or horse hair. Detlev Diehm will be present until the 28th of April and is available for personal appointments.

ANDREAS MURKUDIS 81                       Dimensions of Measurement: ECCO Innovation Lab & DIEHM BESPOKE DESIGN               Launching April 25th | 6PM (until April 30th)


Galerie Thomas Fischer exhibits works by Japanese photographer Seiichi Furuya from his “Mémoires” series, carried out since the late 1980s. Combining portraits of his wife Christine and documents of their travels and places of residence, “Mémoires” features a vivid interplay between the private and public, between personal vision and documentary detachment. Furuya’s work is represented in collections such as those at the Berlinische Galerie, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, MoMA New York, and Sprengel Museum, Hannover.

ANDREAS MURKUDIS 81                               Galerie Thomas Fischer exhibits works by Japanese photographer Seiichi Furuya               from his “Mémoires” series.                           Launching April 25th | 6PM

Thomas Fischer Seiichi Furuya East Berlin 1987 4 ANdreas Murkudis
Rick Owens Furniture Andreas Murkudis Camel


RICK OWENS Temporary Store at 77

On the 24th of April, a temporary RICK OWENS store was launched at 77, presenting his ready-to-wear collection, his BIRKENSTOCK collaboration, and his latest furniture designs.