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Epicenters of beauty

Among the comprehensive range of beautiful collectibles found in the Andreas Murkudis auctions, there is an integral collection of Jil Sander lookbooks.

Concept Store Fashion Berlin AndreasMurkudis Luxury Travel JilSander Lookbook 1989 2

“Her lookbooks are works of art — an overall picture of such precision and beauty — incomparable to this day.”

Andreas Murkudis

Concept Store Fashion Berlin AndreasMurkudis Luxury Travel JilSander Flyer Lookbook

The 1990s were the hour of birth of today’s oh-so-contemporary minimalism. A game changer that was sometimes misunderstood as trivial: stoic and aggregated. 

An aesthetic so simple it surpasses time.

“Jil created around herself a creative epicenter, beautiful in every respect. In everything she did at the time she was groundbreaking. She is exceptional because her work is still relevant in all aesthetic dimensions” Andreas says. 

Jil Sander celebrated minimalist collections, opened impeccably designed retail spaces and worked with the most prestigious stylists and photographers. Indicative of her vision, her lookbooks spoke a completely new language.

Concept Store Fashion Berlin AndreasMurkudis Luxury Travel JilSander Lookbook SS89 3

“As reflected in the lookbooks, she was basically the pontiff of minimalism. Nowadays, everybody is familiar with Craig McDean, but at the time he was only known in sophisticated circles — that was 21 years ago, and none of their work has lost its relevance, neither clothing, nor styling, nor photography — others do not even come close?"

Andreas Murkudis

Jil Sander LB Beate Hansen 1


A-temporal art photography from the archives

For the third auction of cherished pieces, Andreas Murkudis gatherd up a selection of rare photo books from his personal archive – timelessly exquisite works of art photography reflecting cultural currents and allowing an insight into the progressive minds of protagonists that are today reknown in theird field of profession.