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Andreas Murkudis Concept Store Berlin Marsell Gomme Collection 3


MARSÈLL's Gomme Collection

ANDREAS MURKUDIS exclusively presents Italian shoemaker MARSÈLL's A/W 18-19 Gomme collection.

Arriving in 24 different colours, the monochrome unisex lace-up low shoe is entirely handmade and comes with a casual suede deerskin top and durable rubber soles. We asked MARSÈLL a few questions regarding the shoe, presented in Potsdamer Straße 81 from September 2018 onwards:

Andreas Murkudis Concept Store Berlin Marsell Gomme Collection 1

Q: MARSÈLL is known for its quality and craftsmanship in making shoes. They are entirely handmade and produced from the finest leathers. What’s new with the Gomme collection? What was the initial thought behind producing one model in such a variety of colours?                

A: Our willingness and the matrix of our philosophy is to carry forward the idea of creating an iconic object, it then expands and explodes in the colour palette.

Q: The model Sancrispa from this special collection is unisex. Do you think MARSÈLL will continue to expand the range of shoes that fit both sexes? Do you think the market will change in that direction?

A: Creating unisex objects is part of the DNA of the brand, the model Sancrispa was consciously made without any gender distinctions. The market isn’t of any relevance for us. We feed our creativity with what we like most, regardless of commercial trends. We simply have the desire to create an object that is not only genderless, but also timeless.

Q: MARSÈLL shoes never feel like new shoes really, but rather seem to blend in with the respective personality immediately. Would you say there is a quasi-philosophical root for that?

A: Absolutely yes, it is the matrix of our thought. Even if the shoe is new, it blends with the respective personality, maintaining Marsèll’s basic philosophical concept.

Q: Why did you choose ANDREAS MURKUDIS to exclusively launch the Gomme collection? What’s your connection with the store, or Andreas himself?

A: We chose ANDREAS MURKUDIS because it is close to our philosophy. The boutique is a timeless place and makes us feel at home, with an approach far from the glamour of the fashion world and everything that surrounds it. It was beautiful in the past, is beautiful today and will be in 50 years. We have followed Andreas from the early days, when he was in Münzstraße, and have always liked his stores. There is an empathy that’s clearly in line with MARSÈLL.

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