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Nina Hoss at the ANDREAS MURKUDIS Store

What would you do if you had one night alone at a department store? It’s a phantasy to many that became a reality to Nina Hoss.

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The German actress Nina Hoss arrived at 8pm at night for the Whitelies Magazine shoot with a little suitcase straight from Italy. Quiet, observing, precise and present. The moment the camera of photographer Eva Baales laid an eye on her she would switch on like a lightbulb.

When Andreas Murkudis agreed to open his store at night for the first time in photo history, it was clear that only a woman of class, elegance and integrity could fill the huge white cube halls. Nina Hoss is the ultimate Murkudis woman, to the point that whatever outfit you put on her, she owned it. She stars in Arthouse movies like the lately released Return to Montauk and currently holds an ongoing role in the award-winning television series “Homeland“.

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Find the pictures together with an in depth interview on the future of retail with Andreas Murkudis in the upcoming issue of Whitelies Magazine available online and in favorable bookstores worldwide.


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Andreas Murkudis auctions fashion history artifacts from his private collection. Most auction pieces are rare collectibles that were accessible only to a limited circle of people. They hold both sentimental and real value and many mark a turning point in fashion history.