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Gelände Geviert I | 2018 | Video Still Of Installation | 1 Channel Video Projection (25fps 1920×1080), Color; Audio Silent

Potsdamer Straße

REICHRICHTER "Coming from Orange County"

Lewis Baltz's "New Industrial Parks" today: REICHRICHTER introduces multimedia installation as prequel exhibition to Gallery Weekend Berlin

“People usually think, research won’t be a thing…”

The Lewis Baltz Research Fund supports artistic inquiries raising socio-political questions and reflecting the intellectual consequence of American conceptual artist and photographer Lewis Baltz. It allowed REICHRICHTER, Rebekka Reich and Marcus Vila Richter, extensive field research on architecture and spatial understanding within Irvine, California, Baltz’s birthplace and subject for his series “New Industrial Parks near Irvine.” Today, Orange County, named after its formal citriculture, is characterized by its mirror glass facades, industrial areas, office parks and housing developments.

"The sex shop down the street naturally covers its windows, whereas galleries and other commercial showrooms opt for transparency and representation, rather. Our space won’t be entirely accessible from the outside, its perception will require movement and interaction."

REICHRICHTER reinterpret the existential correlation of resident and environment with Baltzes motives. “Coming from Orange County“ displays knowledge compiled through documentation and situationist encounters in spatial interaction. The holistic installation fathoms further states of commodified city development through and exemplarily open construction: wall elements simulate direction and provide a screen, a video projection collages visual fragments of the Californian “man made eden”, bluestone and reflections achieve material references.

Photography, video, as well as architectural models, compile references back to a global understanding of space. Since Baltz’s documentation, commodification has advanced so far as that even apartment buildings constitute themselves as non-places and are therefore subject to transitional forces. Instead of horizontal vectors, such as volatility, the post-conceptual artist duo regards vertical vectors, such as active spatial practice, like for example daily routines of living, as promoting cohesion. To REICHRICHTER the lacking relationship to the earth and ground, aside from their commercial usage, indicates peoples alienation from their surrounding environment.     

Coming From Orange County | 2018 | Photograph | Poster Print, Color | Size 1750 X 1185 Mm | Series Of 3 | Glenn Ranch Rd (n°1)

Following REICHRICHTERs Lewis Baltz Research Fund award exhibition, we will be presenting Baltz’s “Sites of Technology,” the first color photography series shot by the artist, in collaboration with Galerie Thomas Zander. It shows industrial interiors from the years 1989 to 1991. 

“Coming from Orange County”                             Opening Friday, March 23, 2018 at 6pm             With an introduction by Prof. Dr. Hubertus von Amelunxen

Lewis Baltz
“Sites of Technology”                                             Opening Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 6pm

ANDREAS MURKUDIS                               POTSDAMER STRAßE 98                                       10785 BERLIN


Coming From Orange County | 2018 | Photograph | C Print From Fujichrome Diapositive | Size 891 X 767 Mm | Series Of 22 | Talbert Ave (n°15)
OAMC Pt 3 (4)


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