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The Brothers Murkudis

Andreas and Kostas Murkudis muse on the essence of good design and reflect on a lifetime of creative collaboration.

Andreas Murkudis Kostas Murkudis Joseph Roth Diele Berlin

Andreas and Kostas Murkudis are a lifestyle force in Berlin: Andreas as the founder of the concept store that bears his name, and Kostas as a fashion designer and consultant for a wide array of luxury brands. The brothers cut their teeth working for Helmut Lang (Kostas) and at Berlin’s Museum der Dinge (Andreas). The following gives an insight into their shared tastes and instinct for working together. 


Andreas on the idea behind the store

“Back in the 80s, when Kostas and I used to to go on holiday to Greece, we would talk about a shop where we could sell items that we liked and we even made a list of brands we would like to sell. When I stopped working as the General Manager of the Museum der Dinge, I had a year of free time where I worked at Kostas’ company. Every week I travelled from Berlin to Munich and spent a lot of my traveling time thinking about opening the store. Finally I opened the first one in an empty courtyard, like a test store to try out the concept.”

"I feel good design. It’s a gut feeling."

Kostas on the Potsdamer Straße space

“I think it’s important to have a beautiful space that reflects your mindset. The setup is almost like being in a church. It’s a bit old, it’s a bit dirty, it’s a bit rough, but it has a certain charm to it.”

Andreas on understanding good design

“I feel it when I see it. I know so many things about design because I have been working with it for so long. It’s kind of a gut feeling. Then it can be anything basically.”


Andreas on working with the right fashion brands 

“The challenge was that the big brands didn’t know me as a retailer. Kostas did his collection for New York Industries and was involved with Staff International (Renzo Rosso’s company that owns Diesel etc.). I got Maison Martin Margiela and Y-3 through him, and after that I started adding furniture and accessories. Without Kostas I wouldn’t have got the good brands to begin with.”

Kostas Murkudis

The brothers used to work together in the same building on Potsdamer Straße, a vast industrial space which used to be the printing workshop of the daily newspaper Tagesspiegel.

Andreas Murkudis Kostas Murkudis
Andreas Murkudis Concept Store

Kostas on healthy creative friction

“In the late 1980s we were always having a discussion about art versus design. I think we eventually agreed, we just came from two different sides. He worked at a museum and I worked in fashion. I really love art but I was never the person to collect art. I rather wanted something I could use, like a chair.” 

Andreas Murkudis Kostas Murkudis 3

Good design is a feeling, says Andreas. His own inbuilt sense was deepened during his 15 years directing Berlin's design museum, the Museum der Dinge, or Museum of Things.

Andreas Murkudis Store

Potsdamer Straße


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